Visual Inspection Guidelines - Translations published

ECG published version 4 of the Visual Inspection Guidelines in September this year, following a 10-month review process. The German and Dutch versions of the document are now available on the ECG website. We thank the volunteer translators for their help: Mosolf Group and Stobart Automotive contributed to the Dutch version, while BLG helped with the German translation.

If a translation to any other language is needed, please contact Szilvi Kiss about this.

The main purpose of the Visual Inspection Guidelines is to be a support document for the visual vehicle inspections and for the identification and reporting on vehicle exceptions (which can be transport damages, warranty defects or PDI exceptions). This way a consistent approach for the inspection of vehicles throughout the supply chain can be ensured.

Version 4 of the Guidelines includes three Vehicle Exception Reports (for passenger vehicle, pick-up truck and panel van) in Annex 2 in case such a document is not available. Annex 1 contains images per damage types which will help the classification process.