The Alumni meeting is back!   

ECG and the ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG) are pleased to announce that the 9th Alumni meeting will be held in Barcelona on 10-11 February 2022. The last physical Alumni meeting before the COVID pandemic was held in 2020 in Barcelona and in 2021 in an online format.  

The Alumni meeting is organised every year in February for all the Alumni who attended the ECG Academy. The annual meeting enables Alumni to keep the network alive as well as to take part in a very interesting event with a variety of speakers from the industry. 

The event will begin with a walking dinner where participants will be able to network ahead of the meeting. For the 9th edition we are preparing as usual a very interesting agenda with distinguished speakers on relevant topics for finished vehicle logistics. The agenda will be published soon on our website. 

Among the attendees of the event there will be the ECG Board and the current Course 15 of the ECG Academy. 

The ECG Academy is now in its 16th year more than 250 Alumni who obtained the Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management. It is a specialist training for junior and middle managers working in the finished vehicle logistics sector. The next Course will be starting in October 2022 and it is already almost full. Visit our website for more information. 

For details on how to register for the Alumni meeting contact Andreea Serbu. Please note that this meeting is only open to Academy alumni.