Successful online Quality meeting held

The last online meeting of the Quality Working Group was held on 29 September, with a very good attendance rate from members, OEMs and ECG partners alike. The group assessed the latest developments of the sub-groups: the EV sub-group continues the revision of the relevant chapter of the Operations Quality Manual, while the Digital Vehicle Handover project’s first phase finished its work with the drafting of the output (i.e. mage) standard. This will be part of the final document, published upon project completion. The small group which reviewed the Inspection Guidelines finished its work as well, publishing version 4 of the ECG Visual Inspection Guidelines. We hereby would like to thank all members, partners and OEM colleagues who contributed to this 10 month long intense review process!

The Quality WG decided to review the Operations Quality Manual for Commercial Vehicles after some initial comments received from Volvo Group, as well as to start the discussion on the standardisation of yard audits, a topic which has already been on ECG’s agenda for a very long time. Further details and next steps on these two new activities will be shared with the members in due course.

The next webinar or hybrid meeting of the Quality Working Group is not yet fixed – membership will be informed as soon as a date is chosen. In case you want more information on the Quality WG or want to get involved with either of its sub-activities, please get in touch with Szilvi Kiss.