Extension to 24-hour truck stop 85km from Calais now open

The TWV Group has expanded one of its truck stops in northern France, providing much needed secure Heavy Goods Vehicle parking spaces for hauliers transporting goods between the UK and the European mainland. The extension of the facility, which opened as recently as last weekend, is part of the lorry park located just off the A26 motorway next to the town of Nœux-les-Mines. This makes the parking area a 1-hour drive from Calais and 2 hours away from Paris. 

The owners of the facility are keen talk up its security, which is said to be staffed by permanent security guards and monitored by several CCTV cameras. The parking area is also said to be surrounded by “natural protection” in the form of trees, as well as fenced “anti-crossing barriers.”

When it comes to facilities, the TWV PARK sports toilets, showers and laundry services that are available 24 hours a day. There’s also a cafeteria for snacks and refreshments as well as a chill-out area with TV screens and table football. In addition, food trucks are on site and there’s also free wi-fi. Once things warm up later in the year, bikes will also be available and drivers can use the picnic tables for outdoor dining.

The price of using the parking facility rises per hour from €2.80 for the 1st hour to €28 for 11 hours. Packages for longer stays covering two days are available for around €50. Full price details are available on the lorry park’s website.

The extension to the TWV lorry park comes less than 18 months after it opened in August 2020. It is currently rated as 4.7/5 on Google Maps, 4.5/5 on TruckFly and 4.3/5 on truckerapps.eu.