GEFCO France and Gardien Transports test biodiesel fuel in car transporters

In November 2021, GEFCO France and Gardien Transports started testing synthetic biodiesel made from waste oil and fat as an alternative fuel for two car transporters distributing new vehicles in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France. This one-year project supports GEFCO France’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions from its Finished Vehicles Logistics (FVL) operations.

For these tests, GEFCO France and Gardien Transports have selected Altens PUR-XTL synthetic biodiesel. This alternative fuel is produced exclusively from waste materials, and can be used in regular diesel vehicles without any technical modifications. Compared to standard diesel, PUR-XTL promises to cut CO2 emissions by 85-90% and fine/ultrafine particles by up to 65% on short journeys with 500 km of autonomy.
After committing to the EVcom voluntary carbon reduction program in 2019 and Objectif CO2 standards in early 2021, GEFCO France is now testing alternative fuels (natural gas and biogas) and rolling out a program for its proprietary finished vehicles logistics business focused on four priorities:

  • Flow optimisation. Transport schedules, plans and loads are regularly revised and optimised to reduce the flow of trucks and avoid empty return journeys whenever possible.

  • Vehicles. GEFCO France is aiming to upgrade 100% of its FVL fleet to Euro 6 vehicle emissions standards by the end of 2021. Through these upgrades, the fleet’s fuel consumption at 100 km already dropped by 10% between 2015 and 2020. GEFCO France is also asking its partners to make similar upgrades.

  • Drivers. Since 2015, GEFCO France drivers have followed an eco-driving training program, renewable every two years. At the end of 2020, 80% had completed this training.

  • Fuel. To monitor equipment performance and optimise maintenance, GEFCO France tractors are equipped with integrated telematic systems to adapt fuel consumption to loads and road conditions.

GEFCO France’s partnership with Gardien Transports further demonstrates its commitment to a more sustainable logistics sector in France.

“Like GEFCO France, Gardien Transports has signed the Objectif CO2 charter to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our partner is committed to moving the transportation and logistics business forward. Gardien Transports’ values reflect our own, providing all the more reason to support its efforts,” said Frédéric Briand, COO Finished Vehicle Logistics at GEFCO France.