Successful Eastern Europe Regional Meeting in Katowice  

The Eastern Europe Regional Meeting took place in presence on 23 September in Katowice kindly sponsored by ECG Member CAT Mosolf Poland (CMPL). This was ECG’s first meeting after more than one year of online meetings. The attendance was beyond expectations with around 40 participants joining from many countries in Eastern Europe.  

The meeting was very fruitful and interactive. Many issues and recent developments in the market were discussed by the participants. The Chairman of the meeting Krzysztof Dakowicz welcomed everyone and gave an update of the market situation in Europe and in Eastern Europe countries. Participants consequently shortly introduced the main updates of their own countries and current challenges to the automotive sector and FVL. Not surprisingly, the chip shortage is the current challenge this industry as many others is facing. ECG recently published a press release on the topic which can be read here.  

The usual update on ECG’s activities was given by Mike Sturgeon and Andreea Serbu. The two strategic objectives for ECG are currently standardising emissions reporting and digital vehicle handover processes and the work done so far was presented. The update also concerned other very active Working GroupsECG’s upcoming events and the various education opportunities offered by ECG. 

After the meeting the participants visited CMPL’s newest compound in Bytom and in the evening enjoyed a social networking dinner with traditional Polish dishes. ECG is glad to be able to bring together its Members after a long period of online meetings.  

The next meeting will be organised in April 2022. The date and venue will be communicated in due course. For more information about future meetings contact us.