Autolink Germany has joined ECG

Autolink Germany GmbH has become the latest member of ECG.

Autolink Germany GmbH is part of the Autolink Group, which is a market leader in car-logistics in the Baltic Sea region. Together with our sister-company Axess Logistics in Denmark, Sweden and Norway Autolink offers the complete portfolio of vehicle logistics.

Our group is present today in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania (besides Russia and other CIS countries) and now we connect all this with our first terminal in Germany.

It goes without saying that the terminal is state-of-the art and equipped with the latest IT and technology. It boasts two rail-tracks, each over 600m in lengths, connected to a double-lane and double-deck loading platform. From here two trains can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously. Another two auxiliary tracks are available on demand next to our terminal. Also ample capacity for truck loading is being build. The terminal is connected to the A19 Autobahn, which is only a few hundred meters away. And from our seaport terminal we can of course access the quay side for loading of vessels directly.

But the most important asset will be the dramatic reduction of CO2 and transport times made available for our customers. Cars produced in Central- or Eastern Europe do not need to be transported to North Sea ports then be put on vessels steaming back to the Baltic Sea countries. Instead they take the short route directly to Rostock and traffic destined for Baltic Sea destinations stays in the Baltic Sea area.

Thus we are not only reducing CO2 but also transit times drastically, resulting in better service for our customers. Delivery times become more reliable. Shipping lines can increase capacity through higher frequency without spending on CAPEX. It is a win-win-situation for all sides and long overdue. 

Autolink is happy to be contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of car-logistics while adding further value for our customers and partners along the value chain. Please come and visit us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.