ECG Conference 2021: Registrations for the first major physical FVL event for 2 years are now open.

ECG is pleased to announce that registrations for the 2021 annual ECG Conference are now open.

The long-awaited  annual ECG Conference, which was postponed last year due to circumstances, will take place in Brussels at the Tangla Hotel on 14-15 October.

Provided the rules permit, a record attendance is expected!

The title of the conference is ‘Beyond Covid – a green new world: scenarios, strategies & funding’

Participants will hear from prestigious speakers on topics including decarbonisation and funding opportunities. The draft agenda is already available on the website here.

As usual, ECG is organising a social programme for delegates who may wish to stay on in Brussels for the weekend.

Register now and enjoy an informative conference and with great networking opportunities.

Let’s see what’s beyond COVID in a green new world!


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