Assistor’s vehicle logistics merged with Uuttera. Assistor-Uuttera and Assistor started their operations on 1 May 2019

As previously announced, Assistor´s vehicle logistics business and Uuttera agreed to merge in December 2018. In the arrangement, the personnel and customer accounts of Assistor’s vehicle logistics business were transferred to Uuttera and the company continues to operate under the name Assistor-Uuttera Oy. Assistor’s spare parts and material logistics business will continue in a newly established company Assistor Oy. The companies started their operations on 1 May 2019.

The majority shareholder of Assistor-Uuttera is Veho Oy Ab, the previous sole owner of Assistor. The spare parts and material logistics company Assistor Oy is a fully owned subsidiary of Veho Oy Ab. Both companies are led by Perttu Piri, the previous CEO of Assistor. Uuttera Oy’s previous CEO Lasse Niemi is head of operations and a member of Assistor-Uuttera Oy´s management team.

In addition to vehicle logistics, Assistor-Uuttera is taking care of various other finished vehicle supply needs: whether it be accessory installation, car taxation or customs clearance issues. Our compounds are located in Hanko, Turku and Espoo and we serve customers everywhere in Finland. With the merger we have expanded our service range and strengthened our resources.

In turn, Assistor Oy will continue as a specialized partner in spare parts and material logistics for the automotive industry. The company's strength is primarily storage and delivery solutions for goods that demand fast and precise collecting and shipping.