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Vigo port to triple Ro-Ro handling capacity

The north-eastern Spanish Port of Vigo is investing €50m to expand its Ro-Ro terminal in Bouzas dock. The aim is to upgrade the service offered to PSA by tripling the capacity given over to large car carriers. The manufacturer is increasing production, prompting the new work at the port, which in 2018 handled 635,000 finished vehicles, making it the third largest port for this traffic behind Barcelona and Valencia.

At present, Vigo can accommodate up to 19,000 vehicles at any one time; following completion of the planned work, this will be increased by a further 6,000 units.

An entirely new 65,000m2 area will be gained through reclamation of land, of which 50,000m2 will be in the northern sector of the port and the remaining 15,000m2 within the dock itself.

At Bouzas, an external 600-metre dyke will be built. Added to the existing facility, this will lengthen the inner berth to 750 metres and help relieve pressure on the two current Ro-Ro berths that operate in the estuary, where the draft is limited to 10 metres. However, the new works will mean that, in future, there will be parts of the berthing line where draft will range from 12 metres to 20 metres. At the same time, the number of available berths will increase from two to six.

Work will also take place on the sea bed, involving the controlled blasting of rocks to remove possible obstacles and also improve the future manoeuvrability of large car carriers. Once geotechnical and environmental impact studies are complete work should start in 2021 and take three years to complete.