2 targets for cars and vans: auto industry voices concerns" />

EU Parliament vote on CO2 targets for cars and vans: auto industry voices concerns

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has voiced its serious concerns about the outcome of the European Parliament’s plenary vote on future CO2 reduction targets for cars and vans.

“We remain particularly concerned about the extremely aggressive CO2 reduction targets and the imposition of sales quotas for battery electric vehicles that MEPs have backed. The vote on 3 October risks having a very negative impact on jobs across the automotive value chain,” stated ACEA Secretary General, Erik Jonnaert. “It would essentially force the industry into a dramatic transformation in record time.”

ACEA also takes note of the fact that there was a very tight majority on some crucial issues.

“There is no guarantee that we have the right enabling framework in place to facilitate this sudden transition to electromobility.” Currently recharging infrastructure is severely lacking, and consumer incentives to purchase the more expensive electric vehicles remain unharmonised across the EU.

“Consumers cannot be forced to buy electric cars, without the necessary infrastructure or incentives in place,” Erik Jonnaert explained.

Jonnaert: “We can only hope that national governments bring some realism to the table when adopting their common position on the future CO2 targets next week.”